Friday, May 19, 2006

WineBee 2.5 released

WineBee 2.5 for Windows and Mac has been posted.

It's been a few months, but I hope the wait was worth it....


Mac version now has an Installer.pkg for automatic installation.
New simplified logo.
Major changes to home page layout.
Added ability to turn on/off grapes and countries.
Added setup wizard for new users.
Simplified - Import from Previous Version script.
Added "not found" warnings.

Numerous Bug Fixes...
Drink From To dates now working properly.
A few broken navigation elements fixed.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Questions: Report by grouping

"I was hoping to print reports of my collection grouped by "grouping". Is that possible? Also, someone in the review said they could insert an image of the bottle label for wines, but I can't seem to find that. Is it possible?"
You can print by grouping.
You'll need to be using the current verison of WineBee 2.4.
You'll need to have item numbers created for your bottles. (WineBee can do this for you automatically, see preferences).

Go to Reports > Grouping button at bottom of page.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Clarification on WineBee Terms and Definitions

Hi All,

Thought I might put pen to paper, as it were, and expand on some of the common terms and definitions used in WineBee.
  • ID Number - each bottle added to WineBee has a unique ID Number. It's assigned automatically by the software and can only be reset by going to the Preferences and choosing "Master Reset of ID Numbers".

  • Item Number - Not to be confused with ID number, Item Numbers are used to group identical bottles of wine. Example... If I have 12 bottles of 1997 Caymus Cabernet, each bottle would have its own ID Number but all 12 bottles would share the same Item Number. When you run a report in WineBee, the fields which show quantities of identical bottles are calculated based on bottles with the same Item Number.

  • Bottle Status - Bottles in WineBee can have only 1 of 4 conditions... The order is quite intentional. The idea here is to follow the natural progression of wine collecting and cellaring. You want it (Wish List), you order it (On Order), you store it (In Storage), you drink it (Removed From Storage).

    1. Wish List
    2. On Order
    3. In Storage
    4. Removed From Storage

Monday, January 09, 2006

WineBee 2.4 Released

Ok, wow, big changes in the new release. Just posted version 2.4 of WineBee for Mac And PC. New in this version...
  • Added "Bottle Type" descriptor and removed "Color". I'm trying my best to standardize the WineBeeâ„¢ database schema with what I consider to be best-practice attributes and descriptors.

    • "Red Wine"
    • "White Wine"
    • "Dessert/Fortified"
    • "Sparkling"
    • "Blush/Rose"
  • Bottle Ratings now apply to all bottles with similar item numbers.
  • Added "Current Value" field to show apprecation/depreacation value of bottles.
  • Updated with Filemaker Advance 8.02 Build (various bug fixes).
  • Trimmed duplicates from Winery List.
  • Bottle Item Number now automatically added when new bottle is created.
  • Ability to Print from all main menus... Bottle, Winery, Merchant, Appellation, Grape, Vineyard and Rating.
  • Enhanced Rating printout.
  • Enhanced Bottle printout.
  • Added 40+ Italian Appellations.
  • Fixed several script bugs.
  • Drink From/To Auto fill-ins now work correctly. Default From/To years are entered (from preferences) but are secondary to From/To years from the appellation.
  • Added many new tooltips for further explaination of WineBee terms.
  • Bug fix in the Vineyard ID field on bottle page.
  • Trimmed the country pull down. I love Barbados like the next guy, but do they make any wine?
  • Same for State pull down. Now reads... CA, WA, OR, NY you can add other if needed.
  • Bug fix when clicking "details" link on Add A Bottle Pop Up.
  • Enabled many new Right Click/Ctrl + Click options. Check them out.
  • Fixed the Tab order on several layouts.
Hope you enjoy the new version and as always drop me a line if you have any questions.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Don't forget to Right Click (PC) or Ctrl + Click (Mac)

One of the most powerful, yet least used features in WineBee is the ability to Right/Ctrl + Click in most fields and narrow or expand your found records. As an example... I search for Chardonnay on the home page and am presented with a list of all my Chardonnays. I can then Right Click (PC) or CTRL + Click (Mac) any number of fields to further Sort, Expand, Constrain or find Matching Records. Very handy.

Upgrade Help

Those of you looking to upgrade from a previous version of WineBee, here is a brief overview of the upgrade process.

  • Download and Install the latest version of WineBee 2.4. This creates a "Fresh Copy" of the WineBee database. There are no Bottles, Ratings or Merchants installed.
  • From the Home page. Click Scripts>Import Records From Previous Version of WineBee.
  • From this point forward you will go through 7 steps to import your data. It is important to be sure you're mapping the import correctly.
  • At the prompt locate your old Wine.usr file, located in the WineBee folder. This file contains the data to be imported.
  • At the next prompt you will see the "Import Field Mapping" Box. Make sure the source and Target names are identical, e.g.. Ratings = Ratings or Wine = Wine etc..
  • Also make sure to choose "Arrange by Matching names"
  • Do this for each step.
  • You will receive a "Import into WineBee 2.4 Successful" message when you are complete.